Step 2 of the Customer Value Journey: Driving Engagement

step 2 of the customer value journey driving engagement

Have you read our prior blogs and are convinced that your job with a prospect does not end when you successfully make the sale? Great! Now that you know what the stages are of the customer value journey and have implemented the first step—generating awareness—with your website, social media profiles, or ad campaigns, it’s time […]

Step 1 of the Customer Value Journey: Generating Awareness

Step 1 of customer value journey generating awareness main

Taking your customers and clients on a journey may sound silly, but it’s the best way to build your business and it’s the best way for generating awareness. Why? Because when you understand and utilize the Customer Value Journey, you can turn customers into raving fans who will go on to sell your products or […]

3 Ways to Use Your Website as a Time-Saving Tool


Every business owner knows that a professional, mobile-friendly website is a must in this day and age. Not only is it essential for branding your business, but it’s also likely the first place prospective customers and clients will look when deciding whether or not to buy your products or services. However, what you may not […]

The Stages of the Customer Journey


Did you know that making a sale is just the beginning of your relationship with a client or customer? This comes as a surprise to many business owners as they believe making the sale means the successful conclusion of a marketing plan and customer service experience. Unfortunately, if you stop providing service and value after […]

Creating a Customer Avatar


Do you know who your ideal clients or customers are? If you don’t, much of your marketing efforts will be wasted as you will have no idea how to craft the type of messages, ad campaigns, and calls to action that will speak to the right people and encourage them to take action. Even if […]

Top 5 Emotions Your Marketing Copy Needs to Have

top 5 emotions your marketing copy needs to have mainimage

It should come as no surprise that buyers tend to make purchases or hire professionals based on emotions. As a business owner, you can try to appeal to their intellect and common sense as much as you’d like, but if you don’t get emotion involved, you’re going to fall short of your marketing goals. Fortunately, […]

Top 3 Marketing Trends for 2023

top 3 marketing trends for 2023

2023 is almost upon us and those of us at Pixel Fire Marketing have had our eye out for new trends that we can use to ignite our clients’ campaigns in the new year! While there are plenty of new trends we are excited about, there are also some strategies that won’t be as relevant […]

Marketing vs. Branding

Marketing vs Branding

What’s the difference and how can you utilize both? If you own or manage a business, it’s likely you’ve come across the words “marketing” and “branding.” It’s also likely that you either think they’re the same thing, or you’re unsure how they differ and how to utilize each one. Fortunately, the team at Pixel Fire […]

Selecting a Geotarget for Your Online Marketing Campaign


Are you trying to decide what to incorporate in your digital marketing strategy for 2022? Do you have a good idea of who your ideal clients are and where they spend their time? Do you think delivering content to them based on these key considerations is an effective strategy? If so, then you need to […]

Knowing When to Close an Engagement Equity Account

When to Close

Using Engagement Equity is all about adding value to the accounts you hold with clients, employees, friends, and family members. But it’s also about putting yourself first and adding value to your own account so you can be your best possible self and give to others without needing to receive anything in return. When we’re […]