Audience Targeting

with OTT & Display Advertising

Put your ad spend where your audience is looking


Get your ad in front of the right audience, at the right time, with the right message—opportunities to advertise stretch far beyond just social media or a local magazine subscription. You don’t have to pick just one platform to advertise on with audience targeting. Instead, you tell just us who you want to reach, and we find your audience for you!

How It Works

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Define Target Audience

During the exploratory phase, we will learn about your ideal customer. Then, we curate a unique audience filtered by custom data points and determine the best delivery method for your campaign.

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Ad Creation

Once we have a well-defined target audience, it's time to create your ads. Because we've already determined who is going to see your ads, we will tailor the messaging of your campaign to match the interest of your audience.

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Target Audience Sees Your Ad

Once the audience and ad creatives are set, it's time to launch your campaign. Your ad will be delivered to the target audience across multiple devices and platforms to ensure a successful campaign!

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