The team at Pixel Fire Marketing is committed to provide you services that work hand in hand to achieve your online marketing goals. In some cases, clients need a full marketing package that includes website design, social media marketing, review management, local SEO, blogging, branding, and graphic design services. Other clients may only need one or two of our services to enhance their current marketing plan. Read through our other services to learn more about what we can offer to our clients.


Local Fire Services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Review Management. With Local Fire, we put your business on the map. Literally. We optimize your campaign so your local clients can find you, check out your reviews, contact you, and do business with you. Mobile devices are the ‘new’ phone book and our local SEO and Review Management services will ensure YOU get found by those who need your products or services. Our team works closely with you to understand who your target market is, how we can harness your current SEO and reviews to enhance their effectiveness, and how to put new strategies in place to drive traffic.

Services - Local Fire, SEO, Review Management


Branding can best be described as the global look of your business or organization. What is the first impression you want to make? The promotion of your product or company must be kept consistent in order for customers to immediately recognize you and know you are their trusted partner. Distinctive wording, logo, and other design elements make up your brand. Your brand reflects your company’s values and the process should never be rushed. Our team often works with clients to develop positioning and mission statements to strengthen their brand message and ensure consistency.

Services - Branding, Logo


Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography, and illustration. Our team of graphic designers create images and text to form visual representations of ideas. Visual information is formed in a way that produces a message. Graphics can include your logo, fonts you use consistently, colors, images, icons, and more. This message needs to be consistent on all your printed and digital material including your website, promotional items, business cards, online and offline advertisements, and signage.

Services - Graphic Design


Blogs are powerful tools in your marketing strategy. They help tell your story and educate or engage your target market. An effective blog establishes you as an authority in your field as well as solidifying your brand. Blogs are also useful SEO tools as they keep your web content fresh without the need for constantly updating your static web content. Pixel Fire Marketing will help you get the most out of blogging to help you strengthen your online presence. Our expert team of writers will get to know you and your voice so they can effectively portray it in your content. They will also do research to find up-to-date topics to write about while using the most effective key words to increase your search results.

Services - Blogging, Content

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