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Good website design will help increase awareness, brand your business, and provide an easy contact point for your prospects. A bad website or no online presence at all, however, tells your target market a different story. Let us help you make the best possible online impression with a professional, mobile-friendly website design that tells your personal story.

Below you will find our portfolio with a few samples of our website designs. We will also take you through our website process so you’ll know what to expect every step of the way.

Website Design

With the growing need of an online presence, it's vital your business has a branded, easy-to-use website design. We'll help you make the right first impression.


Your website design should be as unique as your business. If you need special functionality or interactive features, our talented team can make it happen.

Mobile First Design

Your website needs to be designed and built, first and foremost, for mobile. We create responsive websites that are user-friendly and look professional on any device.


Wondering what to expect when working with the team at Pixel Fire Marketing? We have a careful process to ensure we hit all the components of a successful website design.


To understand your marketing goals, our team needs to get to know you and your business in-depth. During the consulting and strategy phase, we’ll learn more about who you are and the customers you target. We’ll also answer your marketing and website questions and get familiar with your brand. We’ll also discuss how your website fits in with your broader online marketing plan. These sessions can be conducted in person or via Zoom, Facetime, or conference call. Our goal is to provide solutions that are tailored to your unique needs and will reflect your business as a whole.


A successful website includes both clean, attractive design and a user experience (UX) that customers love. Our team keeps up to date on best practices for designing a website that fits your visual brand as well as making navigation and execution quick and easy for those who visit it. We’ll make sure your site is aligned with your values and goals and leads to the visibility your business needs to succeed.


A typical turnaround for a full website is between 4-8 weeks depending on our schedule, the amount of input from your business, and the complexity of the site. Our talented team of in-house designers work hard to keep you in the loop during the building process. Once complete and approved, our team will launch your site and help you announce it to your networks, customers, and prospects.


Just because your site is launched doesn’t mean our work is done! Effective digital marketing means continuous learning and improvement. Once your site is launched, we can continue to work with you on a variety of levels including hosting, improving search engine results, updating plug-ins, increasing conversions, and enhancing your site for better accessibility and performance. Whether you work with us for your site alone or you also use our social media, review management, or content, we can ensure your site helps you achieve your marketing goals.


Typically, it takes us anywhere from 4-8 weeks. While temporary pages or one-page sites can often be live in a few days, full sites take time and energy. The more you communicate with us and help us get the information and images we need, the easier and quicker the process will be.

Yes, we host all our sites on Flywheel, a dependable and safe local hosting service. We offer yearly affordable packages that include hosting and updates.

No. We never own any of your website or its contents. Our hosting packages are 12-month agreements, but the site is always yours. At the end of our agreement, you are free to do whatever you would like with your site with no hassles or strings attached.

It depends. Some sites are easy for us to update and improve while others we recommend are completely redone.

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