The core of Pixel Fire Marketing is Dan DeSive, Raina Garcia, and Angela Chaney. These three marketing professionals not only have a combined 60+ years of marketing experience, but they also have a deep commitment to their community and clients. Their various specialties combine to give clients a comprehensive marketing strategy that gets results.


Dan DeSive had recently started his own SEO company in 2014 when he met Angela Chaney in a networking group. Angela was working for a business magazine and the two of them began referring clients to each other. Angela soon started writing blogs for Dan part-time and Dan knew he wanted her to join him in expanding his business into a full service online marketing agency.

When Angela quit her job in 2015, she joined Dan and one part-time employee to start eSpark Media. They started with SEO and social media marketing, but soon branched out into web design due to the demand. They started working with Raina Garcia, who owned Lost Dog Design, in 2016. Raina soon became integral to their business and they brought her on as a partner soon after. They re-branded as Pixel Fire Marketing to incorporate their new core services and brand. The team has since brought on full-time specialists in social media marketing and web design to better service their clients on a variety of levels.


The team at Pixel Fire Marketing is committed to becoming an extension of each client’s marketing team. We learn about each client’s unique business and how we can best complement what they are already doing to ignite their marketing results. We believe in education as well as marketing and we want to empower each of our clients to learn and grow throughout our time together.

Our knowledgeable and talented team stays on the cutting edge of technology by attending ongoing education in all areas of online marketing. The landscape of online marketing changes rapidly and it takes constant vigilance to stay up to date and able to harness the power of new tech. Our team understands this and spends time each day learning how to incorporate changes and use them to our clients’ best advantage.

At the heart of our philosophy is Engagement Equity. We know that helping our clients means putting them first. We learn what they need, what they want, and what equals success to them. We strive to make deposits into the equity account of each of our clients and encourage them to do the same with their own customers.

Meet the team that puts all the pieces together at Pixel Fire Marketing!